Social media is the key is to listen,
engage and build relationships

We develop exclusive content and build an emotional connection with the audience. Each project manages the team of experts. We help you to bring your social accounts top of the table.

Abra Ca Dabra !!!

Let’s fix your Social Media Problems with Made By Sparky Magic.

<b>Strategy Development</b>

Strategy Development

<b>Community Management</b>

Community Management

<b>Competitive and Marketplace Research</b>

Competitive and Marketplace Research

<b>Contest & Promotions</b>

Contest & Promotions

<b>Social Media Brand Expansion</b>

Social Media Brand Expansion

<b>Content Creation</b>

Content Creation

<b>Ad Managemet</b>

Ad Managemet

<b>Conversion Optimization</b>

Conversion Optimization

How does it works?

We have the team of Social Media Marketer, they are already helping many Businesses to grow with using social media tools especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Expert in running proper Facebook Ad Campaigns to get you targeted audience, we are managing all type of social media accounts for our clients. Our specialist always hungry for the right contents, updating pages/accounts and grow businesses of our clients organically.
With numerous followers, multiple channels, and diverse demographics we make your social media account demanding and that demanding account helps you to generate business or followers.

You Call It Tools, We Called It Weapons !!!


Why should you do it?

Just like others; your business should have an online presence and that presence helps you to find your own followers and to make the most of your followers you have to search genuine followers amongst them and after that you can create your own group or community of your followers, and that followers become your future leads and help you to generate your business or brand online.

How do we do it?

You Just Have To belive In Us !!!

The main reason why you outsource your social media account is that the lack of time and the team of certified professionals. Here at Made By Sparky, we have created a novel service aimed at helping all type of business. We connect the power of social media to boost your business online. We can execute intended social media strategies for well-liked figures with the aim of making the followers feel affection for even more.

About Brooklyn

Why Made By Sparky

Quality Services

We deliver quality service to our clients because we believe in long-term relations with our clients, the client served once must return to us for any future requirements.

Creative Ideas

According to Albert Einstein –“I’ll never make the one off my discoveries through the processes of rational thinking” and so as we. We generate ideas that are creative and make our clients stand out from others.

Workaholic Sparkies

Sparkies believe that ‘‘Work is Worship’’. We work with strict deadlines to deliver the projects on time.

In Your Budget

We understand the importance of monetary resources in any businesses and therefore we provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Perfect Designs

As they say “Perfection is a promise and reassurance that we are not wrong”. The team here leaves no stones unturned to come out with that perfect design for our clients.


We provide 24×7 support on working days to the clients. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Perfect Designs

We have got a multitude of Sparkies who are Microsoft, Google and other authority certified.

Desired Results

Made By Sparky strives to deliver the desired results. We take feedback from the clients on an ongoing basis to develop exactly what is desired by the client.

About Brooklyn

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The NSA already takes care of our social media profiles, for everyone else who wants to get connected with us regularly, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!!