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Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing or making the most of the queries searched for over the search engines by way of climbing up the ladder of displayed results. The most notable aspect of SEO is that it only works on organic or unpaid content, implying that the only way to gain visibility is by publishing relevant and pertinent information. We are a professional SEO services agency, very well equipped to help you with every aspect of advanced SEO services and SEO consultant services.

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Lets bring your website on top quickly and easily

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To have an online presence and to make it to the top is a race that businesses can’t ignore. But, what happens when one searches for heavy words like advanced SEO services or which firm offers the best SEO consultant services? Instead of finding a break through, the seeker falls into an even deeper pit of confusion and fear or failure. This is when Sparkies like us enter and help you through this procedure that requires precision and excellence. Sparky is not only a platform that provides businesses with professional SEO services and search engine optimization services, we try to understand the objective of our clients that differ from company to company and customize our search engine optimization marketing and other search engine optimization services to suit their needs and fulfil their interests at best.

Our search engine optimization services include a number of ventures such as SEO, Website Speed Optimization, Blogging, Copywriting, Local Search Marketing, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Screen Casting, Instructional design, Youtube SEO etc. Our motive is not to lure you with unrealistic targets but to present you with realistic present position and a practical yet ambitious goal that we shall aim to achieve. SEO is the way forward due to the unique algorithm it follows and the popularity it has gained because of the success of Google as a search engine (More than 60% of traffic directed through SEO is done through google). Your short-term goal can be anything but any business’s long term objective is to sustain and position itself and that can only be done with a history of top rankings and insurmountable volumes of leads and traffic and that is achieved by having the right kind of Search Engine Optimization. The art of Search Engine Optimization marketing needs to be carefully practised and implemented to cater to the needs of the clients because it’s not a single process but a string of different processed that need to be carried out simultaneously and efficiently and hence, our Search Engine Optimization agency has been working tirelessly with every client to deliver what would help them in the long run. A start-up needs a push that can turn it into a successful start-up and we take pride in being a small business SEO company because we believe in collective development and bringing success.

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Lets bring your website on top quickly and easily

Search Engine Optimization sounds like a very complex and hard to target medium of marketing when one is being burdened with the complexities of starting or growing a business digitally. We believe in offering SEO optimization services, that is, we work on developing your online marketing strategy wholly and not in a single dimension that would falter on other fronts. We are a professional service engine marketing consultant so fallacy and plagiarism is something that can never reflect in our delivered projects. We provide small business SEO services with as much enthusiasm as to a large scale one because for us, only the fulfilment of the client’s objectives matters and not the scale of their business. As a professional SEO services agency, we know businesses require high rankings, better publicity, in-depth marketing analysis and a thorough, yet simple, understanding to display to clients.
We have a pool of professional Search Engine Marketing Consultant and SEO Writer who can help you improve your website page ranking. We also use LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) so spamming or keyword overload will be prevented. We are reliable, punctual and efficient.

Working as a SEO optimization company, we have faced a number challenges and technical issues pertaining to page speed, mobile optimization and broken pages, and have assessed that the aim of SEO consultant services isn’t just bringing a website to page 1, it’s making a website more usable for your target audience, understanding your audience and how they search for certain terms, getting into their heads and optimizing for their needs. SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are two terms that have been used inter-changeably but the basic difference lies in the nature of advertising.
SEO is unpaid, organic content advertising whereas, SEM is paid ads marketing, primarily done to get better rankings within a very short span. As a Search Engine Marketing consultant, the aim is to create ads that would attract audience to visit the website because paid ads get ignored in cases where they are not well made or positioned. But the work of a Search Engine Optimization consultant is far more complex and tedious, as creation of relevant organic content and having the right amount of back-links and their authenticity is a task that requires very high level of expertise.

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As a professional SEO agency, we believe in client retention because a satisfied client is a client for perpetuity, and hence our services are of highest quality.

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According to Albert Einstein –“I’ll never make the one off my discoveries through the processes of rational thinking” and so as we. We generate ideas that are creative because the aim is to stand out and deliver unique content.

Workaholic Sparkies

Sparkies believe that ‘‘Work is Worship’’. We work with strict deadlines to deliver the projects on time but not at the expense of quality or effectiveness.

In Your Budget

We understand the importance of monetary resources in any businesses and therefore we provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.

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As they say “Perfection is a promise and reassurance that we are not wrong”. The team here leaves no stones unturned to come out with that perfect design for our clients.


We provide 24×7 support on working days to the clients. Our team is there to assist you, with minimum waiting time and delay.

Perfect Designs

We have got a multitude of Sparkies who are Microsoft, Google and other authority certified.

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Made By Sparky strives to deliver the desired results. We take feedback from the clients on an ongoing basis to develop exactly what is desired by the client.

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